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Sylvia Scineaux-Richard

President's Message


The work of ENONAC is done by committees in collaboration with ENONAC leadership, the city and other organizations focused on re- building Eastern New Orleans.
Commission Advisory Board
ENONAC is goverened by an Executive Board comprised of seven residents of the  community..
Get involved with your community at these upcoming ENONAC meetings.

ENONAC Commission Advisory Board Meetings (CAB) are held on the LAST Tuesday of Each Month

The executive board of the commission, with the concurrence of the commission, may hire such staff and other personnel as may be necessary to carry out the directions and instructions of the commission and do other acts as may be directed or authorized by the commission.


Commission Advisory Board



1)       Adams Court

Hilda Venson

2)       Ardyn Park

Gayle Duskin

3)       Barrington

Lydia Leon

4)       Bel’Air East

Maxine Weaver

5)       Briarwood

Melanie Craig

6)       Bullard Park

Jerry Cook

7)       Castle Manor East

Beverly Goodwill

8)       Donna Villa

William Bickham

9)       East Barrington

Warrentita M. Clincy

10)   Eastover

Dorothy Perrault

11)   Edgelake

Arthur Busby

12)   Evangeline Oaks

Cynthia A. Bell

13)   Fairway Estates

Rudolph Vilo

14)   Fauberg HOIA

Tydell Whitfield

15)   Huntington Park

Lynard Carter

16)   Idlewood/Parkwood/ Forest Park East (IPFPE)

Sabrina Mays-Montana

17)   Kenilworth Civic IMP

Michele Sanders

18)   Kingswood

Melanie Thompson

19)   Lake Barrington

Clarissa Evans

20)   Lake Bullard

Derrick Francis

21)   Lake Carmel

Dwight McClendon

22)   Lake Catherine CA

Roy or Linda Heyl

23)   Lake Forest Estates

Joan Heisser

24)   Lake Willow HA

Dawn Hebert

25)   Lakewood East

Calvin Spears

26)   Little Woods

Oliver Faure

27)   Lori Gardens HOA

Rashad Ketchens Sr.

28)   Maple Ridge

Kim Wiltz

29)   Mark Subdivision

Cherie LaCour-Duckworth

30)   McKendall Estates

K. Lavon Wright

31)   Melia

Mattie Womble

32)   N. Kenilworth Assoc.

Marcia McWilliams

33)   NO Regional Business Park

Ronald Carrere, Jr.

34)   Oak Island

Wilmot Washington

35)   Pine Village NA

Roland Barthé

36)   Pressburg East


37)   Rosedale HA

Linda Williams

38)   Sherwood Forest

Ellen Penny

39)   Spring Lake NA

Aaron Daste

40)   Tamaron Estates

Felice Simien-Hill

41)   Venetian Isles

Linda Resor

42)   Village De L’est

Vernon Rapp

43)   Villa-Sites/South Shores NA

Ann Legaux

44)   Warwick East

Marilyn DeGrasse

45)   Warwick West

Clyde Scales

46)   West Barrington


47)   Willowbrook NA

Angelo Kingvalsky

48)   Wimbledon

Greg Hamilton


_27__   = ACTIVE     _21_ = INACTIVE


EAST NEW ORLEANS NEIGHBORHOOD ADVISORY COMMISSION (ENONAC)  |  7100 Read Blvd, Suite 201  |  New Orleans, LA 70127  |  504-218-5949

Web site: www.enonac.org